Bordallo Pinheiro

Pineapple Jug, 1.7L


Do you like piña coladas? This pineapple jug is sure to bring a touch of fruity fun to your home. We love it for outdoor lunches and dinner parties.

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  • 22 x 21 x 14cm
  • 1.7L

– Microwave resistance 
All products may be used in the microwave oven, for heating, except those that have metal or wooden attachments. Products must not be empty during the heating process.

– Dishwasher resistance 
Products can go in the dishwasher, but the user should avoid that they are left in the equipment for long periods of time, after the cycle, as the generated steam can be harmful to the pieces.

– Conventional oven resistance 
We strongly recommend that the pieces don’t go in the conventional oven.


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