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Navy Stripe Beach Throw


Generous beach throw ideal for picnics or beach days for two. This design and size is exclusive to Bespoke.

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All items are hand woven in cotton, linen or a cotton blend on large old wooden looms by the local rural people of Barrydale, Western Cape. They are fully washable (recommended cold water wash) by machine or hand, and can be tumble dried (soaking in detergent is not recommended as this weakens the fibres). There may be some fluff loss on the rugs during the initial wash (perhaps better to wash alone first time) but this settles down. This product was originally made in Swaziland and has been around for years.  Many satisfied customers will testify that they wash well and last for years.

  • 200 x 140cm

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 140 × 200 cm


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